On behalf of the Advisory Board, staff and students, I wish to warmly welcome you to the Institute for Development Studies (IDS), the research arm of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the College of Humanities and Legal Studies.

Formerly known as Centre for Development Studies (CDS); we attained the status of an Institute in 2008, after 35 years of its establishment with the core mandate of engaging in Social Sciences and developmental related research activities. We have been involved in activities that cover a wide range of both national and international development themes and subjects with the main objective of providing both local and international policy makers and administrators with a focus on various aspects of development, which include, but not limited to; reducing poverty, enhancing social justice and promoting sustainable growth for the overall human well being.

The IDS has also been engaged in several research activities in recent times which are both locally and internationally sponsored within the fields of: Oil and gas and the environment; Water bodies conservation; Conflicts, natural resources management; Complimentary Basic Education (CBE) programmes, etc.

With a staff strength of over fifty (50) comprising Research Fellows, Research Assistants Administrative Staff and Librarians, the IDS strives to provide the best educational experience possible. As far as graduate studies is concerned, our Research Fellows teach to the best of their ability every day; guiding our  graduate students on a path that will give them the skills necessary for a productive and fulfilling future. We have a rigorous curriculum and our standards remain high. At IDS, we do not compromise on quality. The IDS also has a Computer Lab and Library to aid students in their academic work.

We pride ourselves in our achievement having produced some of the best post-graduates who are worthy in character and sound judgment for the transformation of society through creativity and innovation.

Once again, welcome to IDS.

The Institute for Development Studies (IDS) is a research department established in 1973 with the general objective of participating in national and international efforts to identify and understand the processes and mechanisms of development. It is also to contribute to the stock of information needed by policymakers and administrators in solving development problems.

The Institute runs both academic and career-oriented programmes. The programmes are run on regular and sandwich basis.

Regular Programmes

PhD (Development Studies)
M.Phil (Development Studies)
M.Phil (Peace and Development Studies)
MA Development Management

Sandwich Programmes

HRM (Human Resource Management) – MA
HRD (Human Resource Development) – MA
EMP (Environmental Management Policy) – MA
DGL (Development, Governance, Law and Development) – MA
GSD (Governance and Sustainable Development) – MA
PDS (Peace and Development Studies) – MA 
LPS (Labour Policy Studies) – Post-graduate Certificate
DLS (Diploma in Labour Studies) – Diploma

The Postgraduate Certificate in Labour Policy Studies, Diploma in Labour Studies (sandwich), and Certificate in Labour Studies, which is run in conjunction with the Ghana Labour College in Accra.


The vision of the Institute is to become an Institute of excellence in development research, consultancy, teaching, documentation and policy outreach.


The Institute shall be a development think-tank and first point of call for local and international development researchers and practitioners as well as development educators.


The general objective of the Institute is be to provide opportunities for research in the general problems of socio-economic development.

The specific objectives are to:

  • develop and mount academic and relevant career-oriented teaching programmes for human resource capacity building
  • assist students to acquire skills for life-long learning
  • establish a comprehensive documentation institute for development studies
  • contribute through research towards local, national, regional and international development planning
  • promote networks and international linkages with development-oriented organizations
  • organize short courses and seminars from time to time.



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