On behalf of the Advisory Board, staff and students, I wish to warmly welcome you to the Institute for Development Studies (IDS), the research arm of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the College of Humanities and Legal Studies.

Formerly known as the Centre for Development Studies (CDS), we attained the status of an Institute in 2008 and would be attaining the status of a School in August 2018 with a continuous focus on the core mandate of engaging in Social Sciences and development-related research and consultancy activities. These activities cover a wide range of both national and international development themes which include, but are not limited to; reducing poverty, enhancing social justice, promoting peace and promoting sustainable development. Our research has been relevant to the work of both local and international policy makers and administrators with a focus on various aspects of development.

As a research-intensive institute, our research fellows are happy to engage in collaborations related to their fields of expertise. Our projects have been locally and internationally sponsored within the fields of: Oil and gas and the environment; Water bodies conservation; Conflict analyses, Natural resources management; Complementary Basic Education (CBE) programmes among others.

With a staff strength of 50 comprising Research Fellows, Research Assistants Administrative Staff and Librarians, the Institute strives to provide the best environment for research, academic exchange and policy discussions. Our Computer Lab and Library are also available to provide infrastructural support for these activities. Our graduate programmes are practice oriented and are guided by the research experiences of our faculty.

We pride ourselves in our hallmark as a research and policy-focused institute and in the numerous professionals who have been trained through our programmes. We believe that scientific research is the gateway to development and we are happy to welcome any partners seeking to advance this agenda.

Once again, welcome to IDS.

The Institute for Development Studies (IDS) was established in 1967 as the Social Science Research and Training Unit of the Faculty of Social Sciences in the University of Cape Coast. It assumed the status of a full-fledged Department in 1973 and was subsequently re-designated as the Institute for Development Studies in 2008. It has recently been approved to become a School in August 2018. The general objective of the Institute is to participate in national and international development projects to identify and understand the processes and mechanisms of development. The thrusts of the Institute’s activities are mainly in research, teaching, training and outreach. Its research activities revolve around the following developmental concerns: Environment and Development; Human Resources, Labour and Development; Peace, Conflict and Development; Governance and Sustainable Development; Land Tenure, Livelihood and Development.

The Institute offers both academic and career-oriented programmes and assists the Faculty of Social Sciences to teach Social Sciences Research Methods. During the 2017/2018 academic year, the institute was host to 6 PhD researchers, 12 MPhil Students and 164 MA students. The programs offered by the Institute include:

Postgraduate Programmes



  PhD (Development Studies)

  MPhil (Development Studies)

  MPhil (Peace and Development Studies)


  MA (Human Resource Management)

  MA (Human Resource Development)

  MA (Peace and Development Studies)

  MA (Democracy, Governance, Law and Development)

  MA (Governance and Sustainable Development)

  MA (Environmental Management and Policy)

Undergraduate Programmes (Sandwich)

  Diploma in Labour Studies (On-Campus)


To become an Institute of excellence in development research, consultancy, teaching, documentation and policy outreach.


To be a development think-thank and first point of call for local and international development researchers and practitioners as well as development educators.
The main activities are research, teaching, training, and outreach. They include:

  • Carrying out departmental academic researches to produce knowledge that would boost teaching learning and outreach. 
  • Vieing for and carrying out consultancy services in research, project evaluation and training for national and international clientele in the area of development. 
  • Stepping up graduate teaching and training at the MA, MPhil and PhD levels.


The general objective of the Institute is be to provide opportunities for research in the general problems of socio-economic development.

The specific objectives are to:

  • develop and mount academic and relevant career-oriented teaching programmes for human resource capacity building
  • assist students to acquire skills for life-long learning
  • establish a comprehensive documentation institute for development studies
  • contribute through research towards local, national, regional and international development planning
  • promote networks and international linkages with development-oriented organizations
  • organize short courses and seminars from time to time.



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