Prof. Ernest Teye

Prof. Ernest Teye

Prof. Ernest Teye Selected as Expert Advisor to FAO and IAEA

An Associate professor of the Department of Agricultural Engineering, Prof. Ernest Teye, has been selected as an expert advisor by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the International Atomic Energy Agency of the United Nations (Joint FAO/IAEA Centre of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture).

As part of his role, Prof. Teye would provide rapid screening for safe food using novel screening technologies for the detection of food safety.

Prof. Teye will support the two organisations to design a research project on rapid, reliable, quick, sensitive, in-situ and high-throughput untargeted/targeted nuclear and related techniques to support analytical food control programmes.

Also, his responsibilities cover supporting food safety laboratories in member states of the FAO and the IAEA; assessing potential food safety challenges rapidly and effectively and identifying proper testing to ensure food safety to consumers worldwide.

Prof. Teye was privileged to participate in an event organised at IAEA’s laboratories in Seibersdorf, Vienna Austria from 26th September to 30th September, 2022, with the objective of developing new CRP on; ‘cost-effective nuclear techniques for responding to food contamination during emergency’.